How to find us

We're based on Meteor Business Park on Cheltenham Road East on the north side of Gloucestershire Airport.  Look for the traffic lights between the large white Dowty Safran building (3 flags on the roof) and Golden Castle Caravans.  Turn into Meteor Business Park at the lights and the Museum gates will be on your right

The address is:

Meteor Business Park,
Cheltenham Road East,

The number 94 bus service from Gloucester & Cheltenham operates every 10 minutes at peak times.  The ‘Dowty’ stop is two minutes’ walk away.

Please note that there is no access via Gloucestershire Airportʼs main entrance


A grass taxiway, designated ‘R’ accesses the museum’s grass parking area.  Advise ATC that you wish to taxi to the museum and they’ll direct you accordingly.



More information about our collection is on this website. Up-to-date news is on our Facebook page: The Jet Age Museum. We are onTwitter: 

Our phone number is 01452 260078, during open times only.

You can contact us here or via email at You can help us improve and grow by making a donation or becoming a member - please click here for the membership form

Certificate of Excellence


The funding still remains an issue and we continue to seek sponsors from industry, organisations and individuals. 

If you are able to help in either financial or materialistic ways please contact the Project's 'Sponsorship Funding Coordinator' -  Trevor Davies on:

e-mail -

Mobile - +44(0)7975 971115 or Landline-01452 619 793.



If anyone or any organisations who might be able to help in our search for either hardware or technical specifications please email Ian at  ian.mowat(at) - replace (at) with @


We gratefully thank the following individuals, organisations and companies for their support.

Excel Precision, engineering support.

Mr Tim House, for his loan of a Typhoon cannon.

Cotswold Aircraft Restoration Group, for their cash donation.

Mr Tim Wiltshire, for his continuous help in provision of workshop premises.

RGV Aviation, 
At Staverton Airport, for their financial support and offer of future technical and material support.

Huntley Estates
For their interest and kind donation.

Poeton Industries Ltd, 
Of Gloucester, for their financial support and offer of future material support.

Churchdown Parish Council. 
For their advice and kind donation.

Retro Track & Air, of Cam. for their material and technical support.

Messier -Bugatti- Dowty (MRO). 
Specialists in repair and overhaul of in-service Landing Gears, for their material support.

Burlow Engineering Ltd, 
Specialists in Toolmaking, small batch, prototype and R & D work, who have offered to assist in manufacture of non-procurable components.

For his kind donation.

Mr Derek Wellard.
For his kind donation.

Mr Eldridge.
For his kind donation.

Build status update

May 2016

The build of cockpit structure is now complete to the planned Phase 1 stage and we are now looking at preparation for painting. Because there are numerous stainless steel plate-brackets, and these are to remain visible, a great deal of very accurate ‘masking’ needs to be carried out.

Our build stand has been modified to provide better access for the Phase 2 tasks of fitting out and also improve the transportation tasks of moving from workshop to Museum display Hall for event days.

The pilots fore and aft Armour Plates are now under restoration but will not be fitted until after the cockpit repaint. 

In addition the firewall fabrication is now in preparation, the original being so badly damaged it is not considered repairable therefore it is being used as a template for a new build with thermalite, in lieu of original asbestos material, sandwiched between 2 sheets of aluminium alloy.

Our workforce, which has progressed in developing sheet-metal working skills, now has an increased ability to carry out airframe ‘skin’ fabrication and repairs therefore a decision has been taken to recall our elevator from our Preston Lancs member Geoff Ainsworth, and to put those skills into practice. Details and timings of work are yet to be decided but a photo-diary will be kept and added to this web page when available.

MLGs are nearing completion following their restoration at Messier Bugatti Dowty’s Repair & Overhaul facility. One MLG is completely rebuilt and the other is in final preparation for assembly.

A recent problematic issue with removal of old and corroded Bowden cable, from aft control cable end nipples, was resolved when a local Gloucester engineering company ‘Excel Precision’ stepped in to apply their specialist knowledge and skills. Needless to say that the problem is now behind us and we thank Excel Precision for their valued help in our time of need.

Cockpit with flying control module and pilot seat fitted, displayed ready for 5th May 2016 Gloster Aircraft Company re-union day in Jet Age Museum

Never one to miss an opportunity, and with the pilot’s seat installed for the first time,  restoration team member John Entwistle jumps in for a quick spin. He reports “a good flight and mission accomplished....although my arms are now tired from all the flapping”.